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Modul TFT LCD SPI 1.8inch 128×160


Modul TFT LCD SPI 1.8inch 128×160

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Modul OLED I2C 1.32inch 128×160

velikost: 1.8 cole
Display Mode: TFT
Display Format Graphic: 128*160 RGB Dot-matrix
Input Data: SPI
Drive IC: ST7735S
dimenzija modula: 35(W) x 56(H) x 3.45(T) mm
Resolucija: 128 x 160 pikslov
LCD aktivna velikost: 28.03 (W) x 35.04 (H) mm
Velikost piksla: 0.219(W) x 0.219(H)

1 GND Ground
2 VCC Power 3.3V
3 SCL Serial clock pin.
4 SDA Serial data input
5 RES LCM Reset pin
This pin is reset signal input. When the pin is low, initialization of the chip is
executed. Keep this pin pull high during normal operation.
6 DC Data/Command Control
7 CS Chip Select
8 BLK Backlight control pin


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