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Modul Wireless Bluetooth HC-12


Modul Wireless Bluetooth HC-12

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Power supply voltage : 3.2 V — 5.5 V.(if the modules working long hours in emission state, suggested that when the power supply voltage is greater than 4.5 V , you need concatenating a 1N4007 diode to avoid module built-in LDO got fever)
Default communication distance : about 600 m (communication distance is adjustable up to 1000 m, air baud rate 5000 BPS).
Default idle current: 16 ma (modules in different working mode of different current).
Module size: 27.8mm*14.4mm*4mm.
Operating frequency range (433.4 473.0 MHz, as many as 100 communication channel) maximum 100 mw fired power (can be set)
Module supporting software upgrades.
Default factory Settings: working mode FU3, baud rate 9600 BPS, communication channel CH001 (433.4 M)

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